Caffeine to Code Conversion Artist

As the successful candidate, you will be an innovative application developer that can turn either coffee, tea, cola, Red Bull or any combination into world-class code that will help transform businesses. OK, we get it, you might not like caffeine. You can substitute a variety of variables:


function convert (wine) {
return code;


We are building a team of user-oriented rockstar developers who are passionate and work together to develop world-class solutions for our clients. The successful candidate will be a team player who works well in a self-directed fast-paced environment.


Do you have strong analytical skills? Are you attentive to detail? Are you an excellent problem solver? Are you driven to deliver the highest of quality business solutions for clients using a wide range of leading-edge technologies? If so, then you will be a great fit for our team. You’ll be Starsky to our Hutch. Jerry to our George. Mulder to our Scully.


“Some jobs keep pulling you back.”

— Dana Scully, The X-Files, Season 10: Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster

At the Edge

As the world becomes increasingly digital, so do businesses. Carbon Edge helps businesses expertly navigate the complexities of modern technology for business growth and digitally transform their businesses. We help develop and build the tools needed to solve big problems, reach goals & make an impact! We aren’t your average consultants and work closely alongside clients to understand why things happen as they do, partner with them to turn their ideas into reality; all while empowering them to manage their solution.

What You Need to Bring for Success
  • Unshakable inner strength.
  • Enjoys the simple joy of pressing the F5 button. It’s refreshing.
  • Post-secondary education in Application Development is required.
  • Successful candidates must have experience designing, developing, testing, and documenting web and database applications.
  • IOS, Android development experience would be an asset
  • Experience in PHP and C# / ASP.NET is preferred.
  • Experience in HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, mySQL and Microsoft SQL will be given preference.
  • Experience with user interface design is desired.
  • Experience with current windows operating systems and office products.
  • The ability to work in a professional environment where you are able to meet deadlines with minimal supervision.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, including the ability to convey issues and complex concepts at various levels within an organization.
  • The ability to support project performance through accurate time estimates and identify risks in the development of product enhancements.
  • Act as thought-leader and change-agent for customer projects while creating strategic alliances with clients and partners by building strong relationships that allow for an accurate view of what customers value and how best to deliver that value.
  • Experience in the financial services domain would be an asset
  • Open to mentoring junior staff and knowledge sharing
And Just for You...
  • We’ll force you to take at least 3 weeks off per year, we call it “vacation” time.
  • About 95% Remote Work with 5% of the time us asking you to visit our favourite people we call "clients"
  • We offer a flexible work schedule and value work life balance
  • You’ll have 133 hours of “free” time per week (35-hour work weeks).
Important Information

Priority will be given to an applicant that can answer this question: What is your favorite music key and explain why it’s C#.

This is an opportunity for you to work for an organization that is trusted by all of its customers, and where your positive contribution will be valued and make a direct impact to the success of the company. 

While we thank all applicants for applying, only those receiving an interview will be contacted.


Our Edge

Build your digital legacy. It's not enough to use the latest tools; you need a partner who has your back and will help make sure innovations live up to expectations in real-world applications. Together we can ensure that your investments today will produce long term results. Your digital future looks bright.

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We start at the beginning, quantifying your people, processes, and technology to understand how you operate. Then we leverage that information for change management purposes so that every person is on board with what needs changing in order achieve our goals together as one team!

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