Quality Assurance Specialist

Quality Assurance Specialist

"FEARLESS Bug Catcher"

Remember as a child the wonderment of catching a bug in a jar, enjoying its beauty and then releasing back into nature? Yea, here we need you to find them and eradicate them.

So, we have immediate openings for multiple Quality Assurance team members. The ideal candidate is a perfectionist who only likes to do things once (or is lazy and automates things to perfection to make their job easier...either or), and will find every possible way a human can break software then prove they're right.

Does this sound like you? Is this something you are passionate about? Then keep reading, we have an opportunity for you.

At the Edge

As the world becomes increasingly digital, so do businesses. Carbon Edge helps businesses expertly navigate the complexities of modern technology for business growth and digitally transform their businesses. We help develop and build the tools needed to solve big problems, reach goals & make an impact! We aren’t your average consultants and work closely alongside clients to understand why things happen as they do, partner with them to turn their ideas into reality; all while empowering them to manage their solution.

What You Need to Bring for Success

“Make your wonderful dream a reality, it will become your truth.  If anyone can, It's you”
– Pokemon black and white

  • Play on your phone and computer and BREAK THINGS!
  • Break more things.
  • Prepare formal test case plans from documented specifications, and automate it all.
  • Push buttons just to “see what they do”. 
  • Perform system testing using test plans to ensure products and software applications have as low of a defect rate as humanly possible.
  • Acts as thought-leader and change-agent for customer projects.
  • Create strategic alliances with clients and partners by building strong relationships that allow for an accurate view of what customers value and how best to deliver that value.
  • Work with corporate and operational teams to design, test, and implement programs that further entrench the company’s services with existing customers.
  • Performing system testing using test plans to ensure software applications have a zero or low defect rate.
  • Ask “why?” but in an analytical way, not rhetorical.
  • Ongoing and repetitive testing during the development stages of the software.
  • Effective utilization of a tracking system for recording issues and monitoring feedback throughout the defect lifecycle.
  • Working with both clients and developers, to set goals and associated target dates and ensuring that all testing is completed within the estimates and schedule as agreed upon with management.
  • Participate in the planning and design of enhancements of products.
  • Expertise with Automated testing tools and process
  • Demonstrated experience with Functional, Regression, Stress, User Acceptance, and other forms of testing criteria.
  • Utilize various functional and load testing tools as appropriate, in order to automate the execution of complex test cases
  • Write and track Bug Reports as problems are found and corrected
  • Assist the Development team in assessing and improving testability of the system
  • Research and evaluate new documentation tools and methods; document and improve documentation processes.
  • Track Technical debt accepted by the business.
  • Implement excellence, and we mean this part, software gets a bad rap you can be the one who changes this. 
  • Plan Pokemon Go raids with the rest of the team. 
  • Have an iPhone or Android phone. BlackBerry is OK too, we guess.
  • Experience with mobile app testing specifically
  • Financial services background an asset
  • Experience with digital wallets
  • Experience managing a diverse team of QA resources, with focus on coaching and mentoring
  • Experience with testing automation tools
  • Ability to work with multiple teams across multiple locations
  • 7+ years’ experience in system testing in the software industry.
  • Experience and demonstrated ability in technical writing
  • The ability to multitask and take on new responsibilities as required are essential characteristics of the successful candidate.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • The individual must have excellent computer skills, and proficiency in Microsoft Office is a must.
  • Experience in the software industry is mandatory.
  • Experience with Agile Development is mandatory.
  • Comfortable speaking in front of clients
  • Experience in conducting training sessions for clients
  • Level 15 Pokemon Go Trainer an asset
  • Willingness to travel (rare, but its going to happen)
And Just for You...
  • We’ll force you to take at least 3 weeks off per year, we call it “vacation” time.
  • About 95% Remote Work with 5% of the time us asking you to visit our favourite people we call "clients"
  • Did we mention you get paid?
  • We offer a flexible work schedule and value work life balance
  • You’ll have 133 hours of “free” time per week (35-hour work weeks).
  • Some other benefits that we will tell you all about when the time comes (when we know you can bring it)
Important Information

We especially need you to be self-motivated and able to work with minimal supervision, but we ESPECIALLY need you to ensure that you can work with OUR clients to help them deliver the high standard that THEIR clients have come to expect.

Priority will be given to an applicant that has the best answer this question: What is your best tip for messing with time travelers?

This is an opportunity for you to work for an organization that is trusted by all of its customers, and where your positive contribution will be valued and make a direct impact to the success of the company. 



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