Strategic Business Architect

Strategic Business Architect

"The Magician"

The business world is constantly evolving, and so are the needs for architects who help to guide that transformation. Businesses need a strategic mind with an eye on both short-term goals as well as long term plans because it’s not just about what you do today but also how will this affect tomorrow. 

Do you have a knack for seeing the forest through all of its trees? In this role, your task will be sorting through large amounts data and information to find what's relevant. You'll help put together strategies that make sense by interpreting trends in order achieve business goals as well communicating them effectively with clients. You’re a big picture thinker who can take apart complex issues so they are understood clearly and somebody capable enough at story telling--in both written or verbal form!--to convey important info without ever getting lost along their journey toward understanding where we need go next.  

If you are the type of person that sees patterns and relationships in everything and has experience in a Fin-Tech environment, then Carbon Edge will be a spectacular place for your talent.

At the Edge

As the world becomes increasingly digital, so do businesses. Carbon Edge helps businesses expertly navigate the complexities of modern technology for business growth and digitally transform their businesses. We help develop and build the tools needed to solve big problems, reach goals & make an impact! We aren’t your average consultants and work closely alongside clients to understand why things happen as they do, partner with them to turn their ideas into reality; all while empowering them to manage their solution.

What You Need to Bring for Success
  • Strong understanding of KPI’s, and how to hold people accountable to them. 
  • Excellent organization, multi-tasking and time management skills required. 
  • Experience in the financial services domain would be an asset 
  • Provide leadership, mentorship and guidance to team members while making recommendations and collaborating with business to ensure solutions meets the business needs on a complex project or program 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, specifically having the ability to explain complex topics in plain language, easily digestible by a diverse audience 
  • Maintain executive level communication to all stakeholders through establishing and driving benchmarks to determine effectiveness of software programs and support decision making. 
  • Acts as thought-leader and change-agent for business stakeholders. 
  • Create strategic alliances with technology partners by building strong relationships that allow for an accurate view of what the business priorities are and how best to deliver on those priorities. 
  • Identifies and understands the needs of business leaders to help them identify business capabilities and reach their goals 
  • Create and maintain business capability, data, and process inventories. Work with multiple capability and functional teams to gather and document the structure of the Client business landscape. 
  • Lead, build, manage, enhance business capability model along maturity / optimization framework to drive enablement of the longer-term roadmap 
  • Partner in the strategic planning process by providing input to the scope definition of strategic initiatives leveraging capabilities, creating capability Heatmaps to provide visibility to impacts, dependencies, overlaps and opportunities.  
  • Works closely with solution/technical architects to deliver business architecture artifacts needed for End-to-End Architecture & Solution Architecture Approach deliverables 
  • Advocate and drive adoption of “best practices” to ensure standardization of business architecture outputs across the enterprise 
  • Effectively manage priorities, deliverables and timelines with little need for escalation 
  • Accountable for a specific line of business, business pillar or multiple segments, and high level of complexity and attributes 
  • Anticipates the key trends and issues that will shape business strategy, recommending large-scale product improvements or new solutions to existing problems based on regulatory/risk considerations 
  • Solves unique problems with broad impact; typically oversees standards, controls and operating methods that have significant financial and operational impact 
  • Innovative, influential thinker who can inspire others to take action. Always looks at the bigger picture and identifies important issues that need solving; will bring fresh ideas to work with a bias towards action-oriented projects 
And Just for You...
  • We’ll force you to take at least 3 weeks off per year, we call it “vacation” time.
  • About 95% Remote Work with 5% of the time us asking you to visit our favourite people we call "clients"
  • We offer a flexible work schedule and value work life balance
  • You’ll have 133 hours of “free” time per week (35-hour work weeks)
Important Information

Priority will be given to an applicant that can answer this question: Would a Goat be a good roommate? Why? 

This is an opportunity for you to work for an organization that is trusted by all of its customers, and where your positive contribution will be valued and make a direct impact to the success of the company. 



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