Was it hard to find a job during the CO-OP term?

To begin with, I am still a student and am currently finishing my bachelor’s degree at Fanshawe College. I started looking for a job in the marketing field during my second year at college. Unfortunately, my 2-year student's knowledge that Google has not only Chrome but also ADS and Analytics was not enough for most employees to hire me since they were looking for mid-level applicants. However, when my CO-OP term came, I have been already used to interviews and knew the questions that I was going to be asked. So, finding an entry-level job was not really hard.


Why did you choose this position?

To be honest, as a CO-OP student I tried to apply for all jobs that I could find, but it would be a lie if I said that the Carbon Edge job position did not get my attention. The job description was extremely creative and there were many opportunities to gain knowledge in basically all aspects of digital marketing ranging from SEO to SMM. Therefore I wrote a creative cover letter specifically for this position and things ended up well for me.

What is your overall experience at Carbon Edge?

Sometimes during the interview, you feel like a student answering to the professor which puts pressure on you because you are scared to make a mistake. During the interview at Carbon Edge, I felt very comfortable and did not feel any pressure at all. The questions were extremely interesting to talk about allowing me to show my best qualities. I still remember the unexpected question: “ which tableware are you?“ Write in the comments if you want to know my answer. So my advice when you have an interview with Carbon Edge do not expect regular technical questions you rather going to be tested on your ability to think out of the box.

When I was hired, I began to gain experience in various areas of marketing. I improved my knowledge in SMM, SEO, copywriting, and marketing analysis of competitors and the industry. Basically, a perfect starting pack for your journey in the marketing industry.

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What were you relationships with coworkers?

I want to note that the colleagues were very responsive in helping with job-related questions and unbiasedly evaluated the newcomer's ideas for essential strategies and tasks for the company. I had many opportunities to show my skills and learn something from this company. My time at Carbon Edge is the beginning of my marketing journey that will be mega useful for my future professional development.
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