When the dinosaurs were giant earth-bound creatures, an asteroid fell from outer space and wiped out their kind (allegedly). Digital transformation is coming and will present a similar risk to Dinosaur businesses if they don't adapt! In these days of intense technological disruption, many companies are finding themselves unable to keep up with the changes. In a few years' time, some may be studied by business "archeologists" as those dinosaurs that went extinct due to too much Pace in Their Industry's Transformation! Luckily for these dinosaur businesses, though, technology has the power to transform nearly any industry on earth, even those that we didn't think could change.   


Dinosaur Remains
This is the era of digital transformation. The world is changing, and so are the ways in which people do business. With this shift towards Digital Transformation, the choice of whether you want your company on top of this wave will drive your thinking and can help you continue thriving for years into the future! We've looked at some examples of companies that managed their transformation well by taking lessons from past successes and opening a new page of evolution for their development.
Probably the most famous example.
The traditional video store predator T-rex. 
Netflix Layout


Netflix has been around for a long time, but it was not until they shifted from mail-in orders to cloud streaming that their business strategy really took off. The reason? Instant satisfaction! When we can spend hours choosing from various episodes of original content and have everything delivered straight away without having to wait days or weeks. This digital transformation put Netflix at the top of the food chain and completely erased video stores from the business world. It is odd to imagine that Netflix, the streaming powerhouse, had a business strategy based on direct mail just a decade ago.  

This example clearly demonstrates how shifting away from traditional delivery methods can allow companies opportunities like increased customer retention rates, less environmental strain on delivery systems, increased operational efficiency and less inventory burden.   

In 2022 Netflix continues to spend a lot of time and effort improving its recommendation system. In areas where network capacity is limited and data is costly, there is also a lot of effort being allocated to enhance viewing quality. Netflix has been able to efficiently employ technology to achieve its commercial goals and become an exceptional case of successful digital transformation.    



Uber noticed the coming trend for personalized experience and comfort before anyone in the transportation industry. Whenever we talk about industry disruptors, this is the second name that comes to mind (after Netflix). Uber developed an app that allowed transportation services' supply and demand to be met via a digital platform. The ability to open an app at any time and in any location (where the Uber service is installed) is a significant game-changer; previously, you had to be in an area near taxi transit and/or know the local provider's phone number, with the drawback that there might not be a service provider available at the time and location needed. Furthermore, price and transaction processes were a significant source of innovation. One of the considerable benefits of using app services is not having to carry cash (or antiquated credit machines), as well as making pricing ranges (and demand changes) accessible to customers. There are still taxi services in big cities that are expensive and do not adhere to the price tabulation standards to this day. Security buttons, driver ratings, better equipped and cleaner units, loyalty programs, shared trips, food service delivery (Uber Eats), and the recently introduced Uber Pet are among the other features that improve the customer experience.  
If we look for a dinosaur analogy for Uber, it would be Titanosaurus. Why? Titanosaur has a long neck and can see upcoming things before anyone else.
Uber App Layout
Young man drives Tesla


Among all other dinosaurs, Tesla would be Stegosaurus – one of the friendliest dinosaurs ever discovered.
Tesla continuously improves and customizes its products to make them exceptionally user-friendly and uses a lean development method for its software. Moreover, Tesla is the first automaker in the world to provide automatic over-the-air firmware upgrades, which allow the car to be updated remotely to improve safety, performance, and infotainment features. The business is using over-the-air updates to enhance original mechanical design features, such as the look and feel of the touch interface, which can be upgraded to consistently meet customer expectations; Plus, Tesla has autopilot, which controls the car's speed and position while on highways, while the user still must hold the wheel.      


LEGO was on the verge of filing for bankruptcy until it digitalized its supply chain, constructed enterprise infrastructure, and established a customer portal where customers could submit ideas. LEGO's digital business model enhancements refocused the firm on its core physical product while still allowing it to branch out into other types of entertainment. LEGO also used digital technology to "crowdsource" its product design by enlisting the help of online communities of enthusiasts and designers. It created "LEGO Ideas" in 2008, a website where users could develop and share product suggestions that their peers then voted on. If the design receives 10,000 votes or more, it will be submitted to a LEGO review board. The site also allowed the corporation to keep an eye on current customer trends and interests. Crowdsourced designs did rather well in the market. LEGO updated its Enterprise IT system in 2004 to facilitate data exchange throughout the organization. The complex user interface was replaced with a simple, app-styled paradigm, ensuring that each employee only used applications that were relevant to his or her work. This simplified the internal corporate website and made it easier for workers to get their needed information. Virtual reality is becoming an essential part of the video game business, and it provides an opportunity for LEGO to continue to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds.
Lego is a Therapoda dinosaur. These dinosaurs survive in communities, which explicitly describes LEGO's digital transformation path. This brand is built on a mutually beneficial relationship with its clients.  
LEGO construction set
Tablet Digital


The business dinosaurs of today may be in tomorrow's museums – a relic of a different time. As technology continues to disrupt and transform industries, companies are being left in the dust by rapid changes that leave them obsolete before their time - with no chance for recovery or survival because it was too late when they realized what happened.

The pace at which business environments change has never been faster than right now: digital technologies drive transformations so drastic only those who can keep up suffer from its effects on profitability; markets become obsolete due entirely too much disruption within them all together. The Digital Transformation era is already here, and it is for you to decide whether your business is going to the future or going to wait for the extinction in the Jurassic world.

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